Our capabilities include cosmetic restoration, adjustment and calibration to factory specifications, component failure analysis, and board level repair. Systems are broken down to the component level to facilitate a complete and thorough analysis. Parts approved for refurbishment are fully tested and calibrated to OEM specification and are scheduled for sufficient burn-in time prior to being stocked for sale.

Blue Ridge Medical Imaging was formed in 1996 by Carl Hoffman, a Siemens service engineer with 25 plus years of field service experience. Carl’s vision included providing quality refurbished medical equipment and parts at a cost that benefited the in-house service community.  That vision allowed Blue Ridge Medical Imaging to become the premier refurbisher for Siemens Medical Solutions ™ Proven Excellence Division and an industry leader in other offerings: relocations, mobile labs, installation services, and parts.

In 2007, Siemens made notification of their intent to move all of their refurbishment offerings in-house to one facility in Germany. That created a unique opportunity to transition years of process and inventory development and become a premier supplier of imaging replacement parts.

Blue Ridge Medical Imaging’s refurbishment procedures were translated into testing procedures to support the growth of the parts division. This positioned them as an industry leader in tested and refurbished parts. To meet the growing demand, Blue Ridge Medical Imaging expanded their replacement part offerings to include Philips and GE equipment.

In 2009, they proudly announced the formation of First Call Parts, Inc. marking the final transition from service organization to global distributor of diagnostic imaging parts. First Call Parts products have become synonymous with quality and excellence.

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