System Recycling

First Call Parts is continuously looking to add systems and parts to our inventory. If you or someone in your facility would like to have a system deinstalled please contact us toll-free at  1-800-782-0003

Current Systems That We Are Seeking:

Artis Zee ceiling

Discovery XR656

FD20 Bi-plane

GE Innova IGS 530

Luminos DRF

Ysio Max

Core Credit Program:

First Call Parts would like to speak with you about purchasing your defective parts for parts credit. Many facilities have purchased parts from the OEM on an outright basis and are left with the defective parts. We are looking for ways to increase our inventory and help discard unnecessary clutter while at the same time give you a parts credit for your future purchases. Send us your information and we will be in touch.

Current Cores That We Are Seeking:

GE Falcon OTS Handle

GE Smart Boxes

Philips Footswitch

Philips GEO Modules

Axiom Artis Modules

Axiom Artis Zee Modules

Siemens Uroskop Footswitch

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