• This service information is intended as a supplement to the OEM documentation and is not intended to be used in lieu of the OEM documentation.
  • The OEM documentation should always be used as the primary source for service information.
  • ESD protocol must be followed!


Polydoros Generator Control

Siemens Part number 3157554

*Power MUST be turned completely off to the system by turning the breaker off.  If you don’t, there is a risk of sending voltage to the ground if you begin improperly installing the cable.

*This item is not shipped with firmware.   Using the proper extraction tool, you’ll need to remove your service software chip from the J12 socket on your D230 board and install it on your replacement console.

*Console should auto-download when system is turned back on.  If auto-download doesn’t occur, reboot the system.


Axiom Artis Table Control Module, Stand Control Module, and Collimator Control Module

Siemens Part numbers 4775743, 4775727, and 4775719

*NONE of these items are plug and play.  You MUST refer to your Siemens documentation and follow the steps to download software to them.




Siemens newer style footswitches

Siemens Part numbers 4777004, 4777020, 4777038, 7721603, and 7721538

*The pedals and switches are programmable in your service software.  Each footswitch comes with new decals so they can be customized.  If the sticker installed doesn’t match the the intended function, either the function or sticker can be changed.




Videomed S Camera Tube

Siemens Part number 3794307

*This item is NOT plug and play.  It must be calibrated to your systems x-ray tube and image intensifier.

*If a voltage disk doesn’t come with the unit, you’ll be required to do a manual calibration.



Siemens Radiographic Collimators

0468215 and 0468249

*This item is NOT shipped with firmware.  Using the proper extraction tool, you’ll need to remove your service software chips from the D1. J10 and the D2. J9 and install them on your replacement unit.

*Internal components can become loose or damaged in shipping.  Be sure to check all ribbon cable connections for proper seating and the blades/ leaves for free movement.

*Be sure to check the internal dip switches and match them to the unit you’re replacing.


System Installation and Calibration
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