Products and Services
for Replacement Medical Parts


First Call Parts supports the following equipment and systems:


Angiography Labs

  • SMS Axiom Artis FA/BA
  • SMS Axiom Artis TA
  • Philips Allura
  • SMS Angiostar Plus
  • SMS Neurostar
  • SMS Multistar
  • Philips B/V 5000

cath lab

Cath Labs

  • SMS Axiom Artis FC/BC
  • SMS Axiom Artis TC
  • Philips FD10
  • Philips Allura
  • SMS Coroskop/Bicor TOP SMS
  • GE LCV
  • Philips B/H 5000

radiographic flouroscopy

Fluoroscopy Systems

  • SMS Sireskop SX/SD
  • GE Advantx
  • GE Legacy
  • Philips Easy Diagnost
  • SMS Sireskop 5-/45
  • Philips Diagnost 76
  • Philips Duo Diagnost
  • Philips Diagnost Eleva
  • OEC 2600



  • GE Proteus
  • SMS Multix PRO/TOP
  • Philips Bucky Diagnost TH
  • SMS Multix UH/UPH
  • SMS Multix T
  • GE MVP
  • TosRad
  • Philips Digital Diagnost
  • Picker Radview 65

computerized tomography

Computerized Tomography

  • SMS Sensation 4
  • SMS Somatom Plus
  • SMS Somatom Emotion
  • SMS Somatom Balance
  • SMS Somatom Volume Zoom
  • SMS Somatom Volume Access
  • Toshiba Asteion 4 Slice
  • Toshiba Acquillion 4 Slice

remote flouroscopy

Remote Fluoro Systems

  • Siemens Uroskop D
  • SMS Siregraph TOP 40
  • SMS Siregraph
  • SMS Iconos R100/200
  • Philips Multidiagnost
  • Siemens Siregraph CF



  • GE DMR
  • LORAD M4
  • LORAD Elite
  • SMS Mammomat 3
  • SMS Mammomat C3
  • SMS Mammomat 3000
  • SMS Nova 3000
  • GE 800T

portable x-ray

Portable X-Ray

  • GE AMX 2, 4, 4+
  • SMS Mobilett XP
  • SMS Mobilett Plus HP
  • SMS Mobilett I, II
  • SMS Mobilett XT
  • SMS Mobilett Plus E/M

mobile C-arm

Mobile C-Arms

  • SMS Siremobil Compact
  • SMS Siremobil ISO-C
  • SMS Siremobil 2000
  • SMS Siremobile 4
  • SMS Siremobile 3
  • Philips BV25
  • Philips BV29
  • Philips Libra

We have multiple test bays so we can test many of our parts.

The systems and parts we stock range from new to unidentifiable. We procure recently installed systems, low case load units, high patient volume machines, and even systems that have been decommissioned or are non functioning. The value of a partnership with First Call Parts lies within our expertise to test, evaluate, and provide you with unique strategies and options to service your systems.

First Call Parts embraces the right part for the right situation philosophy. Our customer’s needs range from low cost and untested to rebuilt and onsite. For this reason we maintain a range of inventory to include the following:

Untested Parts: Harvested from operational field units. This product stocked for the service group that has extra time to repair and test and is trying to achieve the highest level of savings.

Tested Parts: Parts are tested in our facility by trained engineers on working systems. The product has been verified to work, but has not had components replaced or cosmetic restoration.

Refurbished Parts: Parts receive full or partial refurbishment. Worn or defective components are replaced. Cosmetic restoration and full system tests are performed.

Rebuilt Parts: All components are replaced, electronic circuits are verified, and cosmetic restoration resembles a new product. The finished product is tested to OEM specifications.

Every transaction is driven by a unique set of variables and the solution has to reflect consideration of these circumstances, financial responsibility, and quality. A strong relationship between hospital and equipment manufacturer is vital to the evolution of industry and technology. However, total reliance perpetuates escalating maintenance fees, limited understanding of true cost, and an employee base with limited service capability.

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