Our Process

We strive to consistently provide superior customer service that provides value and satisfaction and deliver top quality products that rival OEM replacement parts.  We are committed to refining our quality, expanding our capabilities, developing our employees, and being socially responsible.  We are dedicated to meeting customer, regulatory, internal, and ISO requirements and ensuring the continual improvement of our quality management system.


Each system we bring in is cleaned and sanitized.  We start by breaking down the system to the core component parts.


We identify problems and issues with individual component parts.

Disassemble and Refurbish

Parts are refurbished with new components when necessary.  We repair them to OEM specifications when capable. Parts are sent through production to sand blast, paint, repair, reinforce and add new decals.


Parts are reassembled and the majority are tested on one of our 35+ test bays.


We barcode, photograph and box parts - ready to be shipped when you call or click!

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