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First Call Parts PM Kit

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Single Plane



Tube Cooling Unit

FD Cooling Unit

Included in the PM Kit:

3-pole Claymont disks
4-pole Claymont disks
3-pole Pirelli Disks
4-pole Pirelli Disks
Silicon Oil

Internal Filter Sieve *based on tube cooling unit
External Filter *based on tube cooling unit
Lithium Batteries *needed every 36 months
C-MOS batteries *needed every 24 months

ESD Disposable Straps
ESD Brush
MicroFiber Cloths

Included in the Cleaning Agents, Lubricants & Paints Kit

Glycomix 40 Coolant *based on detector cooling unit
Hakapur Cleaning Agent
Gleitmo (400g cartridge)
Longtime PD2 (20g tube)
WD40 Contact Spray
Tonna S68 Oil (200 ml)
Viscogen KL 300, 50 ml (for steel cables)
White Textured paint stick
Medical Light Blue paint stick

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