First Call Parts has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 for the breakdown of diagnostic imaging systems and the repair, refurbishment, and testing of the imaging system parts.

The breakdown process begins when the system is received at our Salem, Virginia location. We have engineers and technicians trained and dedicated to particular OEMs and systems who will complete the breakdown process. Our team will first perform a visual inspection process. We understand that not all parts will be salvageable, so any parts that come off a system that cannot be saved will be scrapped. Based on condition and identification, the remaining parts will be clearly defined and handled as one of the following:

  • USED parts: These are parts that are removed from the system without defect and do not need further testing. These will be cleaned and prepared for shipment.
  • TESTED parts: These are parts that are sent to Production for cosmetic repair and then tested. Testing takes place at our facility on our test bays; we do not sell “tested off a working system” parts.
  • REFURBISHED parts: These are parts that we have identified as having a high failure rate.  We have established a written work instruction for the repair and testing of these parts, and the part number has been added to our refurbishment list.
Certified to ISO 9001 2015

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First Call Parts is continuously looking to add systems and parts to our inventory.  If you or someone in your facility would like to have a system de-installed, please click here to send us your information and someone will be in touch.

Imaging Parts Repair


As we breakdown systems and move parts to the repair stage, we have developed processes that will ensure a consistent and correct repair. To prepare for repairs, our engineers and technicians are thoroughly trained in cleaning and decontamination and follow strict ESD procedures. The repair process varies by part but tends to follow the same general guidelines. They first identify the defect through testing. The part is then disassembled and inspected. Necessary repairs are made based on their findings, and parts are sent to production based on need. Once the part is reassembled, the final testing is completed. We are testing all repaired parts in our facility on one of our 30+ test bays.

First Call Parts is looking to expand the repair aspect of our company by offering our outstanding repair capabilities to our customers. Do you have modules or footswitches that need repair? Do your cooling units need to be flushed and repaired? We would like to talk about your repair needs and if able, send you a quote. Click here to submit your information and we will be in touch.

Are you looking for a repair option for a specific part?  Do you have consistent failures you would like to troubleshoot?  Send us your information and we will gladly explore this repair with you.

Refurbished Imaging Parts


Field experts know that boards cannot be truly repaired or refurbished. Boards may be dusted off and tested for functional ability, yet some will sell this as a “refurbished” part. We sell our boards as used, because we believe in having clear and logical definitions for our customers. First Call Parts is a 20 year old company with 10 years’ experience in the parts market. In 10 years, we have developed numerous procedures that allow us to disassemble, evaluate, repair, clean, reassemble, and test parts. We have continuously documented this process to the point where we have identified high failure reasons and have generated written work instructions that specify and guide the repair. This gives our engineers and technicians greater confidence and has greatly improved their efficiency. For our customers, buying a refurbished part from First Call Parts means knowing that part has been repaired and tested following a verified process.

Imaging Parts Testing


Once the repair and refurbishment process is completed, the part moves to the final testing stage. Our warehouse is staged with 30 test bays of Siemens, Philips, and GE Cath/Angio, Rad, & R/F modalities. We have engineers and technicians that have over 70 years of combined experience in the industry. When you see that a part is repaired or refurbished by First Call Parts, you can rest assured it was tested here in our facility; it’s not just from a “working system.”

If you would like to receive a complimentary Quick Reference Guide detailing our installed test bays as well as additional systems we supply parts support for, please send us your information below.

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We want to provide superior customer service. We are challenged each day to solve problems that will enable engineers to fix issues and ultimately get systems up and running. We remain focused knowing what we do matters to the patient and their families. We rely on the FCP team of experts to provide us with superior parts that will rival OEM replacement parts. It is our job to provide customers with options that will solve problems. Our successes are numerous, and we would love to work alongside you to solve your most frustrating pain points.
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